I started with Pilates (under orders from the Podiatrist) as

I usually prefer action classes! However, I immediately felt better

that I was doing something about my posture, flexibility and balance

etc. It’s a rare opportunity to relax if you so wish or you are given the

option to work at different levels – easy, mid or more advanced.

Georgie always explains and demonstrates each move and the different

levels that you can work at.


To sum up - the classes are well run, very reasonably priced, a good

workout at your own level, fun, sociable and local. A good fun way

to spend an evening with friends - whilst keeping in shape.

All classes recommended!


Chris Altoft


A friend and I decided to do a Pilates class,

run by Georgina West. I had no particular expectation, other than to

improve my overall fitness and flexibility. The hour long class

passed by quickly and I was totally absorbed in following Georgie’s tuition.

After a few weeks of Pilates I was surprised to see that my stomach was

flatter and my waist was more defined. I had not expected such noticeable

results so quickly. Georgie has great energy and commitment which is very motivational.

Thanks to Georgie’s professionalism and commitment, her classes

continue to be varied, stimulating and most of all, fun!

I am delighted to say that I am much fitter and toned, and hate to miss a class.

A big thank you to Georgie!


Jackie Hyslop